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A walk on one of the many beaches of the Coastalegre Coastalegre

The view is known as Coastalegre TV

Costalegre Mexico

'Costa Alegre' translated to English means the "Happy Coast", and is a tropical paradise from November through April, when there is little or no rain. It is known for its enchanting sunsets, warm deserted beaches, seclusion and serenity.


Modest beach towns are popular week-end and Mexican National holiday getaways for Mexicans from Guadalajara, Colima, and even Mexico City. Although the area is as yet largely unknown as a major tourist destination, a few Canadian and U.S. visitors arrive here each winter.


Costalegre is an Ecological Tourist attraction which caters to any budget, from youth hostels, small family owned bungalows and hotels, to luxury special class resorts, the Costalegre offers something for everyone.

Visitors to the Costalegre find that the days slip away with alarming rapidity in spite of the apparent lack of scheduled activities. By the time you stroll the beach, do a bit of sunbathing, sip a margarita at sundown and dine under the moonlight, another day will have slipped away. You will feel like you're in a paradise.

The area is made up of a combination of towns and villages, exclusive and not so exclusive hotels and resorts. The section between Chamela and Barra de Navidad is considered by those who visit as the Mexican Riviera, being the most beautiful area in all of Mexico.

Miles upon miles of palm trees line the land just inside the coastal shores. Jungle covered mountains border golden sand beaches. This area is one of the most exclusive areas to get away from it all in Mexico, where celebrities often come to get away from prying eyes and camera lenses. People who travel here aren't generally here for the night life, where it tends to be very quiet and peaceful after dusk. They come here to relax and/or be pampered. The area is a tropical paradise from October to June when there is little or no rain, known for its breathtaking sunsets, warm deserted beaches, seclusion and serenity. There is no doubt that Costalegre has the most outstanding sea shores in the Mexican Pacific Coast. To visit this area is to discover a virgin beach coast, rainforests, creeks and rivers, mountains and islands.

The drive through the Costalegre is very beautiful and scenic, passing through quaint Mexican villages, many different plantations and jungle. Watch for different species of animals and exotic birds as you drive an easy two lane highway, which is well maintained, with very little traffic. You can also take the local bus, which although takes a fair bit longer, is also a great way to see Costalegre.

Unlike the rest of North America, road signage is sparse. When you do see a road sign warning for sharp/dangerous turns, cattle, or speed limits, they are there for a reason and should be taken seriously. Watch for "Topes" (speed bumps) which are usually located as you enter and leave each little town along the way. Some are marked, or have signs indicating that they are coming up ... others not!

Along this coastline there are surprisingly few roads leading to the ocean itself, which is unfortunate as that denies access to the explorer the many beautiful hidden and secluded bays, which can only be reached by boat. Keep an eye out for dirt roads branching off of highway 200, which head towards the water. The few paved roads that do branch off towards the ocean are well marked and usually pass through either a small town, residential area or through a resort, which may not let you through, in order to maintain its "exclusivity". Although all the beaches in Mexico are federal (public) property, the accesses to them are not. Take caution entering areas that say "propiedad privada" (private property), in order to avoid a confrontation with an irate landowner, or worse ... his dogs!

Temperatures are comfortably warm during most of the year becoming hotter and more humid in the months of July till September. The rainy season runs from July through October. This doesn't mean it will be raining all the time, just that it CAN rain. The first rains turn the brown dry-season forest to green. Rains tend to be fierce, but brief, generally in the late afternoon, leaving the evenings dry and cooled off. September has the highest rainfall and humidity level. During winter months, evenings and early mornings can be cool enough to warrant a pullover or light jacket.



Things to enjoy in the Costalegre

Many people come to the Coastalegre to do nothing but relax. For those that want  there is always something to do..

Sun Tanning,      Body Surfing,

Snorkeling,          Swimming,

Beach Combing,  Tide Pooling,

Shell Browsing,  Scuba Diving,

Sailing & Boating, Canoeing,

Whale Watching, Jungle Tours

Deep-Sea Fishing, Surf Fishing

4 Wheeler Tours, Bird Watching, and every women's favorite Shopping.